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fleafounder Admin Sep 01 '09

If you've had a keeper league here for at least one season, you can now view past drafts round-by-round.

This is much more convenient than paging through the transaction log.

For example, here is my keeper league's 2005 draft.


Hiccup Sep 01 '09

Thanks, very nice. Would it be much trouble to sort by team as well as rounds?

fleafounder Admin Sep 02 '09

No it can be added easily, will do.

fleafounder Admin Sep 02 '09

This is now live, you can sort by team.

Hiccup Sep 02 '09

Do you mean using transaction log? Otherwise am I missing something on <Draft> tab?

fleafounder Admin Sep 02 '09

draft subtab from the front office tab, like this.

Hiccup Sep 02 '09

All I see is still picks by round. Looking for grouping of picks for each team. Instead of scrolling down page round by round would be team by team.