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fleafounder Admin Jun 05 '75

There was some confusion in the past regarding points allowed and offensive points allowed.

We've changed the Offensive Points Allowed rule slightly and add Special Teams Points Allowed and Offensive Plus Special Teams Points Allowed.

  • Points Allowed=All points (what the opposing team's final score says)
  • Offensive Points Allowed=FG, pass TD, rush TD only
  • Special Teams Points Allowed=Punt/kick return TDs and all conversions (both XPs and 2-point conversions)
  • Offensive Plus Special Teams Points Allowed=The sum of offensive and special teams points (i.e., everything except for safeties, INT returns, fumble returns, and blocked kick returns). Most leagues will want to use this rule


almightytod Aug 01 '75

Fleaflicker Admin,

Within the GlobalFFL league on your website, our league rules specify that the Offensive Points Allowed is the total amount of points scored by the opposing team, or what the score of the game shows. It doesn't matter if all of the points were defensive or special teams scores.

How do we get this adjusted for our league scoring? Does the commissioner need to manually adjust that scoring each week or can the rule be changed on the website for our league?

Furthermore, why were the leagues not informed of this rule change before implementing it?


Tod Robbins

GlobalFFL Commissioner