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fleafounder Admin Jun 05 '75

There was some confusion in the past regarding points allowed and offensive points allowed.

We've changed the Offensive Points Allowed rule slightly and add Special Teams Points Allowed and Offensive Plus Special Teams Points Allowed.

  • Points Allowed=All points (what the opposing team's final score says)
  • Offensive Points Allowed=FG, pass TD, rush TD only
  • Special Teams Points Allowed=Punt/kick return TDs and all conversions (both XPs and 2-point conversions)
  • Offensive Plus Special Teams Points Allowed=The sum of offensive and special teams points (i.e., everything except for safeties, INT returns, fumble returns, and blocked kick returns). Most leagues will want to use this rule


jstraub Jun 05 '75

Is it possible to add one additional rule where it's Offensive Points allowed plus XPx and 2-point conversions but not punt/kick return TDs?

In my league we only are penalizing the defense for what is scored when they are on the field, which they aren't during punt/kick returns, but in essense are (they allowed the offense get to that point) for FGs, XPs and 2-point conversions.