fleafounder Admin Aug 19 '09

You can now set the following.

  • Profile picture
  • Team logo
  • League logo



thekingofsecond Aug 31 '09

The team logos are too small....can't see them (except on the team home page).

Any chance of making them larger?

Chiefdustin Sep 01 '09

At least in the "Box Score" screen it would be nice to see them the same size as on the "Team" page.

Chiefdustin Aug 25 '09

Nice addition and you implemented it well, but I think during the "Fantasy Matchup Box Score", the logos should be larger more like a game time update screen would look.

smcndfan Aug 20 '09

No matter which picture I use my logo shows up as a 1/2" x 1/2" square. Does everyones look like this?

ssuperflash Aug 20 '09

Yes. If you go to your profile or team, the pictures will look much larger.

The-Dark-Knight Aug 20 '09

I have problems loading up a gif. Size is 800x600px /28.09 KB (28767 Bytes). I've been told it's not a valid format.

fleafounder Admin Aug 20 '09

No animated gifs are allowed.

The-Dark-Knight Aug 20 '09

Ok, did it. It's not animated. Loading up from PC worked. Before I tried to get it from our website. It's password protected. Maybe that was the problem.

Thx fleafounder

Roadkill Aug 20 '09

Thank you for this.

DaSOBCommish Aug 20 '09

any way you can up the 250kb maximum to like 500-1000? I'm kinda limited on what i can do with the league logo! After minimizing the size to get it under 250kb its very hard to make out the logo! Any way you can up it just a notch :)

fleafounder Admin Aug 20 '09

Yes I'll increase the maximum today or tomrrow.

DaSOBCommish Aug 20 '09

cool def keep us updated when the changes are made

FantasyGuru1965 Aug 20 '09

Can you say what you'll increase itto, so we can start incorporating that size into our designs...?

oosterhouse Aug 20 '09

Nice, would love to see them a bit bigger on main and scoreboard pages but cool stuff.

dustrz Aug 19 '09

AWESOME!!! now get the finance tracking system down and you're GOLDEN AWESOME SUPER COOL!!!!!