fleafounder Admin Aug 19 '09

You can now set the following.

  • Profile picture
  • Team logo
  • League logo



FantasyGuru1965 Aug 19 '09

Is there a specific or optimal pixel or file size that these pictures and logo's need to be?

ssuperflash Aug 19 '09

25 KB I think.

smcndfan Aug 19 '09

Big enough to see what they are would be a good idea. I can't see what your picture is.

FantasyGuru1965 Aug 19 '09

What's the max is what I am getting at? Where did you get that 25 KB number from?

fleafounder Admin Aug 19 '09

Any image will work, we resize it so everything looks uniform.

250kb is the largest we take but I can increase it if it's too restrictive.

ssuperflash Aug 19 '09

I knew that it was 25 something.

FantasyGuru1965 Aug 19 '09

I was going to have someone create a banner logo and they wanted the pixel and file size for the logo and I had no idea what to tell them.

fleafounder Admin Aug 19 '09

The images get scaled to

16x16 for the small version (like the ones on this page).

160x160 for team and league large versions and 200x200 for the profile picture large version.

So the images that work the best are square in proportions.

You can make your image as big as you want, we'll scale it down.

[Deleted User] Aug 19 '09

500kb would be better Ori, seeing you rsystem will shrink it down to size anyways!! Most icons and pics on the web are 460 to 480kb and if you don't have a program or know how to shrink, it can be a problem!!


FantasyGuru1965 Aug 19 '09

Let me know if you guys make this change because I'm working on getting a logo made and it would be nice to know before hand if that is something you guys are going to do... thanks..

FantasyGuru1965 Aug 20 '09

I am hearing that the max file size is now 500 KB? Is this true and if the max file size is increased, does this change any of the other scaled to dimensions?

fleafounder Admin Aug 20 '09

Correct but it doesn't change the scaled dimensions.

We still scale the sizes as explained above.

This just allows you to start with a large image. We cut it down to size.

Use images with height and width that are the same size (or almost the same size) to get the best results.

islandking Aug 19 '09

What's the sense of having a logo? Its too small to even see on the matchup screen.

ssuperflash Aug 19 '09

But it's fun.

Pigskin_Pimp Aug 19 '09

Thanks Flea...not complaining but is there anyway to have show up bigger on scoreboard? All in all, I think it is good!! Thanks again & great work!

zirco33 Aug 24 '09

I agree... great addition, but you only see it when you click on the team owner. when i click on my team it still shows this tiny picture. am i doing something wrong?

zirco33 Aug 24 '09

sorry... just noticed the logo on the right side of the page. i was looking at the tiny thumbnail on the left side. keep up the great work!

barryb1 Aug 19 '09

wow. i'm so relieved we'll never have to hear people complaining about this stupid thing anymore.

Volt Aug 19 '09

VinceB128 Aug 19 '09

i third that. Now we can get back to meaningful enhancements

[Deleted User] Aug 19 '09


Slick20 Aug 19 '09

Thank you, thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!

ssuperflash Aug 19 '09

Yeah baby! I'll stay here!

Volt Aug 19 '09

What, were you going to leave if you didn't get logos?

ssuperflash Aug 19 '09


ssuperflash Aug 19 '09

I was not going to leave.

Volt Aug 19 '09

Paging ssuperflash... paging ssuperflash...

TitanMike Aug 19 '09

Thanks again Ori. I see them display on the right side of the page or in your profile screen. One thing to consider as you move forward with the site is to make the pictures show a little bit larger. Great job!