fleafounder Admin Jul 14 '09

* Save live/mock draft results to file (from the rosters tab or the summary tab).

* Permalinks to messages on the forums and message boards.

* Slight enhancement to forums layout for readability.


cygnusecks Aug 14 '09

I am using ESPN this year instead of FF, for one plain and simple reason: LOGOS. Can't believe this feature hasn't been added after 3 years of badgering.

ssuperflash Aug 14 '09

Read this. All of it.


cygnusecks Aug 14 '09

I am using ESPN this year instead of FF, for one plain and simple reason: LOGOS. Can't believe this feature hasn't been added after 3 years of badgering.

Volt Aug 14 '09


bkardane11 Aug 14 '09

You must have the attention span of a goldfish or the intelligence of a 4 year old if you need big pictures to keep you interested. Goodbye, no one cares that you left.

deen Aug 13 '09

We're not getting logos or the flea mods wouldve said something by now..They're answering every question but the logos question..

So take the hint, its not happening...

I agree though, i'd like to see logos to, in my opinion its the only thing missing from flea..I been here 3 years and its always been on fleas list of things to do and an option coming soon..Is it a big deal or a life or death situation? No, but its nice to have logos and it gives your team an indenity..

To me, I just dont see what the hold up is when every other free site has logos builders and what not, just deosnt seem too hard to get the option on the site..But then again im not a computer geek so I dont know how much time and effort it takes to get a logo builder..

deen Aug 13 '09

Lol...What are the chances?!?!?

Slick20 Aug 14 '09

Thanks for pointing this update out.

smcndfan Aug 14 '09

"Shouldn't take much longer" that means it will be ready by next season

Slick20 Aug 13 '09

Could we please get an update as to when we might get to add logos? If it's not going to happen this year it would be nice to know that.

Thank you!

Daturley Aug 08 '09

I agree with guru....if we get logos great but for gods sake this site is free so stop all the BS.

smcndfan Aug 08 '09

All the other free sites have logos. The point is they kept saying it was coming and still don't have it.

Slush Aug 08 '09

It's also not the start of the season so everyone should take a chill pill. They will let us know in due time.

bkardane11 Aug 10 '09

It's also a logo, it's not that big of a deal. Just calm down and you'll get what you want eventually.

luke1982 Aug 11 '09

I beleive my logo should get me at least two maybe even three extra wins.

Volt Aug 11 '09

Only 2 or 3? The addition of my logo will make all of my teams go undefeated!

VinceB128 Aug 11 '09

Why stop there? It could make your team 20-0 in a 13 game season!.... Or not...

You know, for such a highly requested feature, there seem to be just as many on this thread saying they'd rather have other more important features.

[Deleted User] Aug 01 '09

any news on the logos?

Pigskin_Pimp Aug 03 '09

The lack of response by fleaflicker is telling. I am going to go out on a limb here & say that logo's WILL NOT be available this season. If you look back at the forums.....flea had previously responded that it should be no more than a month over 2 months ago...I wish they would just come clean & say they can't/won't do it!! Come on flea, what is going on with logos?

piss on flea

FantasyGuru1965 Aug 03 '09

What's with all the negative vibes? Have some patience man. Logo's will nice, aren't all that important.

Pigskin_Pimp Aug 03 '09

I have no patience when I look back at posts from over a year ago on the same subject. There has been no response & why no updates lately or site announcements? This is when they should be wrapping up new features for the upcoming season, don't you think?

i58858543 Aug 06 '09

looking for an update.......I'm thinking its a no once again.

VinceB128 Aug 06 '09

Seriously... why is this important? It has nothing to do with the game. It's a picture. People played this game off line for decades and got along just fine without a logo.

Slick20 Aug 07 '09

Obviously there is a big demand for it and if you're not interested in this feature then just move. We really don't care that you don't find them important because plenty of us do!

smcndfan Aug 07 '09

Who needs air conditioning, power windows, or a radio in a car? It has nothing to do with driving.

VinceB128 Aug 07 '09

Air conditioning, power windows and a radio all server a purpose to make driving more comfortable and conveinant. Logos do nothing functional.

And why would I move sites because I don't think logos are important? I'm just trying to figure out WHY people find them so important. And don't feed me psychological advantage. That is BS. If you suck at FF, you suck at FF. No logo will change that.

smcndfan Aug 07 '09

Logos do nothing functional but they make ff a little more fun. Team names, logos, trash talking, etc are just options that make leagues better. If other sites offer them for free why not this one.

Slick20 Aug 07 '09

Actually I meant move on, don't waste your breath telling us that you don't need or want logos. Plenty of us do and they keep promising they will add them. I agree with smcndfan that they make FF more fun.

VinceB128 Aug 07 '09

I have no problems with logos themselves. There are just a ton of other functional things more important that I'd rather see other than logos. For instance customizable playoff brackets or commissioner controls on the draft or other features that actually enhance the way we can play the game.

I'd rather have that than a picture next to my name.

Wookieefoot Aug 07 '09

I agree that it doesn't do anything for strategy. Logos are purely for fun. Those that are saying to get over no logos and we need real features implemented. The whole point is Flea said this would be added.... Last year.

I just want someone from Flea to say, yes logos will go live

before the season or no, we lack the technology in this day and age.

Slick20 Jul 29 '09

I really enjoy the site but I am also looking forward to LOGO'S! Any update on when Logo's will be added?

elboltoni Jul 27 '09

Logo's were supposedly going to be available midseason last year. The visual identity is a very important psycological tool and I am looking forward to this additional option.

VinceB128 Jul 30 '09

I hope you're being sarcastic cause if you're not, then... wow...

wayneiii Aug 03 '09

lol i know, "psychological tool"?? If your serious then you might wanna lay off the fantasy football and concentrate on your health.

Goz Aug 04 '09

Methinks someone is a "Psycho Tool" themselves

shocker_rockers Aug 17 '09

if you get pysched out by someone's .gif in fantasyfootball, you have serious mental issues.

coming from someone who works in software, logos are what are known as a non-value added feature. they go to the bottom of the stack. do they make it to the top of the stack? sometimes, but not at the expense of things that actually had VALUE to your product.

an effing picture is not value. screw all these guys fleaflicker, let them leave. they'll come back when they want to customize their scoring to their liking or trade draft picks.