fleafounder Admin Apr 24 '75

You can no appoint up to 3 co-commissioners in your private leagues.


Volt Apr 24 '75

What kind of powers does a co-commish have? Are they the same as a standard commish?

fleafounder Admin Apr 24 '75

Yes. All powers except:

* Delete league

* Remove owner

* Appoint new commish

luke1982 Apr 24 '75

Explain to a 'puter tard how to appoint someone as co-commish.

FantasyGuru1965 Apr 24 '75

Go into commissioner options while you have full commissioner powers and there is an option to appoint...

luke1982 Apr 24 '75

Edit Scoring Rules

Edit Roster Requirements

Edit Lineup Locking

Edit Waiver Wire Rules

Edit Tiebreak Rules

Edit Transaction Rules

Edit Keeper Rules

Edit League/Division Names


Edit Regular Season Schedule

Edit Playoff Schedule

Commish Powers

Set Starting Lineups

Edit Past Box Score


Edit Live Draft Options

Edit Draft Order

Import Rosters

Clear Rosters

League Membership

Remove Owner/Delete Team

Edit League Size

Realign Divisions

Edit Membership Restrictions

Make Visible To Public

Step Down As Commish

This is all I am seeing. Am I missing it there somewhere?

Volt Apr 24 '75

It was there before. I just checked and I can't find it either in my leagues. I know I saw the option before though.

FantasyGuru1965 Apr 24 '75

I still see it...

Volt Apr 24 '75

That is strange. I just checked my leagues again and I still can't see it. It was there earlier, but is no longer listed as an option in my leagues.

luke1982 Apr 24 '75

mine either

fleafounder Admin Apr 24 '75

It's only for private leagues.

fleafounder Admin Apr 24 '75

But we can change it so that public leagues can use it too. There's no reason why not.

Expect this change within the next day or 2.

Volt Apr 25 '75

That explains why I saw it, then I didn't. I had a private league that I changed to public and then I didn't have the option.

MulesRule Apr 27 '75

Does the power of the co-commish ever supersede that of the commish? I mean, i like the idea but, what if he start changing crap and i don't want him to. Do have have to go back and change it all again? Or is there still some kind of chain of command?

FFCSR_Doug Apr 27 '75

Ideally the co-commish would be someone you trust. You are not obligate to appoint anyone. If the co-commish was to edit a couple of past box scores for example you would have to go back and undo them manually. There isn't a "undo co-commish actions" option.

MulesRule May 08 '75

Hmm.....ok. Um ok. Whats the purpose of having one then? I mean, i think it would be great if they had the ability to be delegated different assignments in the league. It would help the commish, and in the end, make things run smoother.

[Deleted User] Sep 01 '75

lol..........thats a good one doug.............lol.......hmmmmmmmmm......lets undo the co-commish........lol