FFCSR_Doug Mar 23 '75

Weekly updates are back. Couple of things for you guys:

1) Upgrades to the pre-ranking page

Ability to filter out keepers

Ability to enter a number ranking for a player so you don't have to drag them all the way up or down

Ability to sort by position rankings

2) Enter mock drafts with other owners. No more just going up against the computer.

The way it will work is you will launch the mock draft application from your MLB or NFL account homepage only (not league specific at the moment). If another user started a mock draft in the last minute you will automatically be entered into that draft with that person. There is a one minute window for this mock draft to fill up with owners. Once the minute is up the draft will start and if necessary the computer will select for the empty teams.

If you launch the mock draft and are the first person in the room there will again be the one minute period for other real people to join. If nobody enters you will draft versus the computer.

Let us know if there any bugs or you have suggestions.



Sidney1965 Apr 01 '75

We are now 1 day late on our weekly updates that are now back roflmao :)

Prash11 Mar 29 '75

I really like the new updates cant wait to tell my league.

I was just wondering if we were going to get logos this year?

Keep up the good work.


Sidney1965 Mar 28 '75

When I went in to do a mock draft, now it doesn't use my player ranks but the default rankings. How do I fix this or is it a bug?

overachiever77 Mar 26 '75

Thank you for the update. I hope they keep coming with regularity. Thanks again.

PigskinPlague Mar 23 '75

Thanks for the improvements! ...keep them coming!