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FFCSR_Doug Mar 13 '75

As you probably all have noticed Fleaflicker looks a little different today. Fleaflicker will now offer fantasy baseball in addition to football.  
You can start playing immediately but this is still a beta product and we need your feedback to improve it and iron out all the bugs. 
About the game: 
The baseball game has a very similar feel Fleaflicker's football game. Our goal is to provide a game that can be easy and fun for casual players but also customizable enough to meet the demands of even the most devout Bill James followers. 
The game currently supports: 
- Head to head points based leagues, similar to football (no rotisserie or total points yet) 
- Daily or weekly locking lineups 
- Highly customizable hitting, pitching and fielding scoring rules 
All of your past footbal teams and leagues will remain totally intact.  
In addition, here are upgrades for baseball that will also apply to football: 
- Ability to set future lineups 
- Roster max increased to 40 players (+ IR spots) 
- News provided by Rotowire 
- Positive values only scoring option (you can prevent players from scoring negative points in any given game) 
- Option to lock all lineup slots when the first game of the week starts 
- Trading delay removed (you no longer have to wait until Tuesday to trade players that had games earlier in the week) 
- Increased ability to sort on free agent player pages and filter on stats pages 
- Forum dedicated to recruiting new owners 
- Forum dedicated to user submitted news and analysis 
Please send us your questions, suggestions and issues via email or on this forum thread.  
Doug & Ori


keilowkei Dec 09 '76

.....Still nothing...Come on give us something.Please!!!I can't find anything on whats going on even when I try searching 4 flea flicker news fanhouse news etc..Nothing..

deen Dec 09 '76

If you read the last fantasy baseball article written yesterday "Farewell predictions and advice for 2011" the experts said goodbye twice during the article, in the beginning and end of the article.

Now I dont know if that means anything or not but theres the 1st sign of the transition taking place..

deen Dec 09 '76

Even the hoops writers said farewell in thier last article yesterday, one even said "eff aol"... lol..

Again maybe this doesnt mean anything, maybe flea will get thier own experts or sporting news will implement their own if they dont shut down flea...But it doesnt look good, if sporting news doesnt want anything to do with aol why would they want to keep flea around..

keilowkei Dec 09 '76

I did see the baseball article but I didn't read much into it..Maybe ur right I should have...I didn't see the basketball 1 but if it says eff aol I guess the writers are pretty much gone but still who knows what happens to fleaflicker..But I agree doesn't sound good...Imma check out the basketball article..I also seen a that thread from like a week ago about the domain name up for sale..Wonder if it got sold or not..

rangerdave Dec 10 '76

I don't see any links to Flea on the new TSN/ AOL Fanhouse pages. That doesn't bode well for Flea's future.

Dynasty001 Dec 10 '76

Seems to be "SportingNews Fantasy" instead...

rangerdave Dec 10 '76

TSN doesn't run a fantasy football game of its own. They partner with CBS.

Dynasty001 Dec 10 '76 ...i think this means FF survives??

rangerdave Dec 10 '76

That site won't load now. what might that mean?

Dynasty001 Dec 10 '76

ha me either, it did on my laptop a few hrs ago... basically it was saying that FF would just be incorporated into the new AOL, and that it wouldnt dissolve completely. not sure if its even true, or a necessarily good thing...

rangerdave Dec 11 '76

After seeing that article, I am even more convinced that Flea won't be around for long.

Dynasty001 Dec 11 '76

"The actual changes are expected to take place in March, and the Fanhouse brand won’t actually disappear. It’ll be rolled into the Sporting News environment “as a destination for opinion pieces,” according to the SportsbyBrooks story.

A follow-up post on SbB dug into the staffing questions and found that nearly everyone currently involved with Fanhouse will not be sticking around with the brand. Overall, SportsbyBrooks reports that AOL will retain fewer than 10 of the 100 current Fanhouse full-timers, while Sporting News will be able to decide whether to pick up any of the writers who don’t make that cut."

rangerdave Dec 11 '76

The new Fanhouse already reflects these changes, with no links to, or mentions of, Flea.

R.I.P., FleaFlicker.

Sidney1965 Dec 12 '76

What about this?

Dynasty001 Dec 12 '76

...its not free

seafish Dec 12 '76

i got news that aol still owns fleaflicker if you send me you email is will forward it to you

rangerdave Dec 12 '76

Just because they own it doesn't mean they will use it.

keilowkei Dec 12 '76

Could we possible get a answer from one of the admins??Instead of us having to speculate??But thanks for the input people...Something from the higher ups just would be nice is all!!!

Sidney1965 Dec 12 '76

Ori posted to my question in the next thread up...

Sidney1965 Dec 12 '76

Actually it's under the help threads...

keilowkei Dec 12 '76


keilowkei Dec 12 '76

Not much of a answer HUH??I guess at least he did answer..Hopefully them saying they'll know more in a week isn't like the last time they said they should know more in a week or 2...(SHRUGS SHOULDERS)

rangerdave Dec 13 '76

The Admins can't really comment on the situation. They all have jobs to worry about. Even if Flea disappears, they still might have futures with AOL.

thaDOME Dec 15 '76


rangerdave Dec 17 '76

We should get word on Flea's future this week. Layoffs are coming at AOL this week, and there will be an announcement as to AOL's new direction coming on Friday.

scotto1959 Dec 17 '76

between the 30 or so guys i know on flea, we should be able to start our own site???? what you think old buddy???

rangerdave Dec 17 '76

We have some valuable free agents here for other sites. What do you think ESPN, CBS, or Yahoo will give to get us to play on their sites?

overachiever77 Dec 17 '76

Myfantasyleague is supposedly working on an import for flea leagues. They came up with an import for fanball leagues are offering 2011 free to those leagues that switch from that site. I'd say they'll do thesame for flea leagues.

keilowkei Dec 27 '76

So much for telling us anything in a week...CAN WE GET AN ANSWER???