FFCSR_Doug Mar 31 '09

Fleaflicker 2009 is now up and you can begin preparing your leagues for the upcoming season!  
Have fun everybody and don't hesitate to pass along questions or bugs. 
One note, the earliest date you can schedule a live draft for is June 15. However, you can still import rosters if you hold an off line draft.


finnmaccoul Jun 12 '09

Is a logo option on the way soon??

FFCSR_Doug Jun 12 '09

We are working hard to make it available before the start of the season.

ssuperflash Aug 17 '09

Still no logos.

FantasyGuru1965 Aug 17 '09

Everyone that bitches about logos should be banned from the site forever. For Pete's sake... who the hell cares? They will be here and available when they are ready. Give it a freaking break will ya. They aren't going to be here any faster just because you post another stupid post about them... damn!!!!

ssuperflash Aug 17 '09

I am going to post about logos until the people who have wanted them for 3 YEARS get em'.

Pigskin_Pimp Aug 17 '09


Apparently more people care than don't!!

iamgregg Aug 18 '09

Are you an actual retard? I'm struggling to comprehend how you could possibily even work a computer.

You know, they're coming, you've posted in reply to the actual comfirmation, straight from fleafounder. So why you're still whining, I have no idea.


Pigskin_Pimp Aug 18 '09

Who's whining?? I just said that more people care about having logos than don't! By the way, we still don't have logos available & until we do....I will continue to post.

Volt Aug 18 '09

Who is whining? Look all over the board. The same 4-5 people cry every day, where are the logos, where are the logos, my team is going to suck but if I have a cool logo maybe I can save some face, where are my logos...

How can you possibly say that more people want logos than don't? I would bet that at most 1-2% of the active flea user population actually posts often on the main message boards. Most people don't care. Why? Because it adds NOTHING to fantasy football. What is going to be your logo? That classy pic of you pissing on the flea logo (which is clearly a misrepresentation of you because you should surely be squatting to do such an action)?

You and your buddy ssuperflash are surely going to just keep posting over and over and over because you are childish and think that whining and begging will get you whatever you want. Give it a rest. I wish flea would just push it back a year to spite all of the whiners.

shocker_rockers Aug 18 '09

actually you're really wrong, because people who don't care usually don't care sooooo much that they wouldn't actually come here to post they don't care.

i've never heard grown people bitch so fucking much about something so fucking stupid.

to the point that i actually had to say fuck to find the right word.

Pigskin_Pimp Aug 18 '09

WOW!! Did I touch a nerve? I never said my team would suck without logos, did I? I am merely asking when we are going to have this option since I have been told repeatedly that it would be "soon"...As far as begging...I just simply posted some random logos..I didn't know you would be so offended. Calm down Voltron, you need not get all amped up....Besides, I was thinking of unveiling my new logo....the one with me pissing on your.........Oh, never mind...that dirty bitch never did like to take a "shower".


Volt Aug 18 '09

You want to urinate on my what? Good to see you are keepin' it classy.

springlesinc Jun 07 '09

So whats the story with the live drafts. Will there be a pause option for the commissioner and a longer clock for picks?

FFCSR_Doug Jun 08 '09

Pausing a draft is unlikely. We will being trying to get a slow draft implemented, but don't have a date at the moment.

springlesinc Jun 08 '09

Seriously? How hard is it to put in a pause feature for the commissioner. It will be really annoying if for the seconds year my league cant have its draft on the league website. We need to have a pause feature so that we can stop for the night. We draft over a 3-4 day period with a 10 hour clock and breaks for the nights. This is something that you said would definitely be in for this year. Doug, you are killing me here.

springlesinc Jun 29 '09

Anyone have a site where I can hold my draft and then import the rosters here. I am looking for a place that I can have a 10 hour clock and a pause feature for the commish

deen Jun 29 '09

Yeah, try antsports..Ive had drafts that lasted 2 weeks on antsports with a 12 hour clock..

Just set up a mock draft on antsports and use it as a real draft..we do it every year.

thomasgoerdel Aug 14 '09

The commish really needs to be able to pause the draft and correct picks. I've never had a draft when something didn't go wrong and the commish had to step in. Plus we all need a bathroom break at some point.

VinceB128 Aug 14 '09

Don't hold your breath. Apparently the main focus right now is... logos... *rolls eyes*

I agree, I'd much rather see this feature though

Slick20 Aug 14 '09

You can do this via a slow draft so the technology is already in place.

*rolls eyes* at VinceB128's dislike for logos. Whether you want this feature or not does not dismiss the majority of users that do want it.

VinceB128 Aug 14 '09

There are just as many who don't care. And I don't 'dislike' them. I'd just rather see something useful instead of having a picture by my team name. And yeah, if you guys can whine about not having logos, those of us who want other features can say so as well.

Besides, according to other posts, it's pretty much done. So there is no point about arguing one way or another.

Slick20 Aug 17 '09

So start lobbying for the features you want instead of complaining about features that you don't want.

PigskinPlague Apr 06 '09

Just to be clear, can you clearly state (or re-state) what the new features are for 2009? 
FYI - I recommend that you add a fully fuctional I-Phone / I-Pod Touch capability.

rlbryce36 Apr 01 '09

When do we get too see the rest?

FFCSR_Doug Apr 02 '09

What do you mean by that?

scotto1959 Apr 02 '09

I think he's talking about ski's naked pic's of aquagirl?

rlbryce36 Apr 03 '09

other options, when will they be added..

smcndfan Apr 04 '09

Logos etc. More updates to come?

[Deleted User] Mar 31 '09


FFCSR_Doug Mar 31 '09

Also if a player is not viewable from the free agent list that does not mean he isn't in the system. Just type his name into the provided search box.

PigskinPlague Apr 06 '09

I hope the ability to talk smack related to a specific matchup will be added (preferrably with the option to delete common swear words).