FFCSR_Doug Jan 09 '75

Okay, everybody the switch to 2009 is looking good for this afternoon. As Scotto would like to say I am polishing the button for Ori. I will provide updates throughout the day and once the change is official I encourage everybody to look for and send us any bugs.  
As previously mentioned, features and other upgrades will not be included in today's change.


Sidney1965 Mar 09 '75

Just curious... any news to reports? A possible date for an upgrade?

FFCSR_Doug Jan 15 '75

They will be announced as they are finished throughout the offseason. Working on logos and auction waivers for example.

InSpades Jan 15 '75

Where are double-headers on the priority list? This is very important to my league.

Sidney1965 Jan 15 '75

I'm just curious, as if there are going to be any changes/upgrades to the draft system? And if so will they be released prior to the date that we can start drafts?

FFCSR_Doug Jan 16 '75

This requires a pretty significant amount of work, more likely might be the ability to edit standings so you can manually account for double headers.

FFCSR_Doug Jan 16 '75

Pausing the draft and commish having the ability to select for other owners is probably unlikely for this upcoming season. If there are any changes we'll keep you posted.

scotto1959 Jan 16 '75

Yea logos, do we get to build a stadium and mascots?

FFCSR_Doug Jan 16 '75

I thought you would really like the stadium. I heard that adds 2 - 3 wins, you know.

oosterhouse Jan 16 '75

Logos, good to hear. REally hope we can get these this season. So get to work... please.

Sidney1965 Jan 16 '75

The ability to set the draft clock from the current settings up in different increments up to a 24 hour clock would be amazing, so we can do a slow draft if need be.

scotto1959 Jan 16 '75

Hey Sid, stadiums, legos and mascots first!!!!

scotto1959 Jan 16 '75

gee I hope I can post my portrait and star, thats 9 or 10 wins. That would be great!!!

InSpades Jan 17 '75

That's disappointing since I understood that it was a feature that was supposed to be added last year.  
Logos are just window dressing. Double-headers would be a substantive upgrade to the site. 
AOL League Manager had them. Isn't it something you could somehow port and tweak to the Fleaflicker format? 
Are you planning any upgrades of significance to the site for this season?

Sidney1965 Jan 17 '75

I understand someone wanting double-headers, but I think if you were to poll the membership, that most would vote to have logo's over double-headers. Logo's are window dressing but they allow an owner to express themselves and be different than everyone else. JMHO

Sidney1965 Jan 17 '75

However, having the option for double-headers would also be nice. The more options the better, in my opinion... :)

PigskinPlague Jan 15 '75

What features and upgrades?