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ryan12 Sep 06 '78

the bears forced 2 fumbles in yesterday's game against minnesota, but i was only giving the points for 1 of them. will i be given the points for the other forced fumble?


rangerdave Sep 08 '78

The Bears did not force two fumbles, just one. One of Minnesota's fumbles came on a botched handoff where no contact was made.

ryan12 Sep 10 '78

that's ridiculous, if its in the box score as a fumble you should receive points for it. earlier this season in the game against baltimore brady was charged with a fumble when the center snapped it early while in shot gun and no contact was made. that -1 point against him ended up costing me the game that week too. how does that work?

rangerdave Sep 10 '78

The NFL is crediting only one forced fumble for the Bears. Flea is not making that decision.

In your NE example, if the NFL decided to credit Brady with a fumble, the Flea software properly penalized you. Flea updates their stats on either Thursday or Friday each week after the Elias Sports Bureau verifies all stats for the NFL.

rangerdave Sep 10 '78

In that Week 3 game versus the Ravens, the NFL charged Brady with a fumble, but the Ravens were not credited with a foorced fumble.

ryan12 Sep 10 '78

gotcha, thank you.