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Mayhem22 Jul 26 '78

So I hold off on putting Matt Ryan in for 5 weeks because hell I have Aaron Rodgers starting. Ryan puts up way better numbers week in and week out. Week 6 comes along. A week after Ryan puts up 42 points in my league. Okay so he is up against Oakland. Rodgers hasn't been doing it for me and he is up against that Texans defense. I'll put Ryan in... 16 points Rodgers is up over 50. I am getting blown out 100-55. Stupid STUPID STUPID!!!!


bowhunter429 Jul 29 '78

Your killing your own team with both of them on your roster. They are both studs and both will have up and down weeks. You should not be playing matchups with these two guys. Both should be started any week they play. Unless your hole team is stacked trade one for a nice bye week fill in QB and another player who will give you depth some where else on your roster. When you over think fantasy football it always comes back to bite you. Trust me, been there done that....

Mayhem22 Jul 30 '78

I am looking into it. Although my roster is pretty good. Frank Gore starting at RB. Brandon Lloyd, Andre Johnson, at WR, Greg Olsen at TE and I have Miles Austin in my flex spot. I am looking to trade Matt Ryan for a decent RB since Miles hasnt been doing anything and I'd rather have a RB in that flex.