iamgregg 8 Months

I play in a bunch of dynasty leagues and we have been using Flea's email draft system to run most of our drafts. It runs fine but we run into some problems that require us to work around the current system in ways we really shouldn't have to. Ideally, these improvements are needed at a minimum:

1) A set number of rounds. This is so vital for rookie drafts. Currently the system keeps the draft going until rosters are filled up. This is fine for redraft and small-keeper leagues but every dynasty league I have ever been in has had 4-5 rounds. What we currently have to do is temporarily raise the roster limits to make sure all picks can be safely made then at the end of the draft we have to commish-draft filler players to complete it and then cut them once the draft is over.

2) If a roster is full, the pick needs to be open so that the team can either choose to cut a player to draft a new one, or simply be able to PASS on the pick. At present, if a roster is full, no further picks even exist.

Some minor improvements that might help rookie drafts move more smoothly: Pre-draft queues, draft clock, ability to place individual picks on the trading block.


DallasFootball 7 Months

I would also suggest putting a clock on picks and allow the computer to pick if that time is up. also the option to set a minimum for keepers.

FleaMod Admin 8 Months

All good suggestions, and are on our agenda. E-mail draft enhancements will likely be added and supported in the near future, but not for this coming year before NFL kickoff.

Thank you for your continued interest in e-mail draft enhancements; we'll keep you updated here and on the Site Announcement forum page here when we deploy new features: fleaflicker.com