Keith_Hughes Nov 07 '79

Have you considered making the option available to input specific league rules and roster requirements on the mock draft feature instead of the basic 12 man setting?


FleaMod Admin Nov 07 '79

Yes, we have. We are going to be revamping the draft room soon, we don't have a firm timetable but would like to have some extra mock draft features for sure that would include more than just a 12-man setting. There are a lot of additions we're working on and testing here for the future.

Keith_Hughes Nov 07 '79

Ok thanks.

Jmax24 Nov 08 '79

These suggested mock draft features dont mean squat until the FF player rankings make sense. Evan Longoria currently at #7......??

FleaMod Admin Nov 09 '79

@Jmax24 - Try going to Draft>Draft Rankings>Redraft if you want them reset (under the blue dropdown menu) -- some rankings were changed since last year/month/when you activated the league.

Jmax24 Nov 10 '79

Ok, thank u. Just checked it out. Must be something about the #7 spot.....Jacoby Ellsbury.....?! ugh, first time I've seen that from any resource. A Yankee fan must be in charge of this