trennr Oct 15 '79

I have some requests/suggestions that would make Flea Flicker an option.

1] Need More Teams (currently 30).

2] Need Separate NFL Pool for each Division.


trennr Oct 16 '79

These next items I cannot determine if you support or not:

3] Custom Schedules... including potential of Triple headers

4] Custom Playoff Bracket Set-up. 12+ teams

trennr Nov 10 '79


FleaMod Admin Nov 10 '79

We don't support any at the moment, but are open to supporting them in time, especially number 1. We'll keep you updated and thanks.

trennr Nov 15 '79

#1 would be pointless without #2.

My basic league is 3x10 team leagues (each league is it's Division) each week we play a triple-header 1 game from each division.