Jmax24 Oct 06 '79

The option simply isn't there....


FleaMod Admin Oct 13 '79

It's not right now, but something we're working on.

Jmax24 Oct 14 '79

Any chance it's ready in time for this season?

Jmax24 Oct 30 '79

hopefully, not having it is pretty boring FF

FantasyGuru1965 Oct 31 '79

Straight Roto is boring and sucks...

FleaMod Admin Oct 31 '79

It's doubtful and highly unlikely it will be ready for this baseball season unfortunately. Still, it's something we are working on developing and testing actively. We have a few more enhancements that are a bit in front progress wise, but this falls pretty close to the top. Unfortunately we may not have enough time with the early games starting in Australia.

Jmax24 Oct 31 '79

Sounds like it will be ready for next yr, that's very encouraging. I can live with the standard roto style for a year. Are you able to talk about what these other enhancements are??