Jim1940 Aug 13 '79

I have two questions since Tuesday and still have no resolution to either one.

It would like to see results to questions be handled in a quicker manner with constructive answers.

The Ice


FleaMod Admin Aug 14 '79

We answer questions sent to our inbox. Please send again if you have not received a response: fleaflicker.com

Jim1940 Aug 14 '79

How do I get in touch with my league commish I have be unable to get an answer from him or anybody on my league message board.

In the game between The Ice and Tampa Tokers in the domination league the totals are wrong for the Tokers he shows 634.25 and his player points only add up to 561.95 the total was wrong on Wednesday for Tuesday night and is still wrong on Thursday.

The players points don't add up to the total score shown the difference is 72.30.

The Ice