msutkowski Jul 17 '79

Creating a Developmental/Practice squad option would be friendly to dynasty leagues looking to develop future talent. It would be like keepers but have some kind of "time in the league" limitation.


msutkowski Jul 20 '79

no comments from administrator? please tell me there is a developmental positions in the works then!!

rangerdave Jul 21 '79

It is something they are working on, but it won't be available until next season at the earliest. Full support for dynasty leagues is very important to Flea. For now. you can use IR for taxi squads. You would set IR to include Healthy players. Flea supports an IR up to 20 players. I use this option in my main league.

Sam_Jacob Sep 15 '79

Is this something still planned on being available next season?

rangerdave Sep 15 '79

As far as I know, it is still in the works. I don't know how soon they can implement this change, though.

Andy_Onsgard Sep 15 '79

I'm interested in this option as well. I feel like it would be too big a pain in the butt to police the use of the IR as a development squad since we are planning to make it impossible to place players back on the development squad after being activated.

FleaMod Admin Sep 18 '79

It's still on the table and high on our agenda; as we did last summer, we rolled out dozens of new features, with many more to come for 2014. No promises as to what they are, but we have had this in mind for a while and hope to get it done sooner than later.

Andy_Onsgard 11 Months

Any news on this front?

johnand20 11 Months

Yeah, I'd love to know about this also. Starting a new dynasty league with fleaflicker with a heavy developmental component, so being able to track this in the league itself would be huge.

FleaMod Admin 11 Months

Still the same status as of four months ago, but we're hammering away at it.

No promises as to when it will be ready though as it's a large-scale, but important project.

Thanks for your understanding. We'll keep you updated.

codymcmahon 8 Months

Anything new on this feature? My league just had a conversation following our rookie draft about the possibility of doing this. Sooner would be better than later! Thanks for all your hard work!

FleaMod Admin 8 Months

We understand, it's something we think can be added soon and is high on our agenda, but still have no timetable. We are working on it, though.

Thank you for your continued interest; we'll keep you updated on the Site Announcement forum page here when we deploy new features:

Andy_Onsgard 1 Day

What are the odds of this being implemented for the 2015 season?