Benash72 Jun 17 '79

Just a suggestion but it seems like it would make more sense if you could see Rush and Rec yards on the same screen without having to drill down further. For example if i go to the team page Ray Rice shows X fantasy points but it is misleading because I can't see both his Rec AND Rushing yards in the same line.


loubonz Jun 21 '79

I completely agree, this seems like a major limitation for a Fantasy Football Team roster page. None of this is available on the surface.

FleaMod Admin Jun 24 '79

Agree, but it depends on the device/browser you're using. Sometimes we have to take some things away so you can see the most important stats. It's a trade off but we try to include the most important stats on the page where it's clean and you get what you need without having text jumbled, slowing down your page, and we ensure it is readable.

loubonz Jun 24 '79

Im referring to the fact that you cant see Receiving stats for a RB and Rushing stats for QBs, WRs all integrated as a snapshot of your teams performance. You have to investigate within the points in order to find those hidden items. Is that what you took from my last message, if so sorry and i copy. I just wanted to make sure.

loubonz Jun 24 '79

Im using chrome too