Prash11 Jun 08 '79

I think it is time to add these two options too this site. We have had many improvements but when are we going to help out the commissioners. Polls would make voting much easier and a finance option well that speaks for it self. Lesser sites have these options lets get it done.


Prash11 Oct 29 '79

FLEA can you let us know a time frame for the above questions?

FleaMod Admin Oct 31 '79

Polls are down on our agenda. A finance page is higher up. No timetable or promises but the finance page would likely be easier than polls as of now. We'll take your requests into account at our next meeting as we always do when we talk about enhancements.

Prash11 Oct 05 '79

Bump any word and can we add a transaction tally with the fiance page. We charged a dollar per add it stinks having to go through the transactions for all teams and add everything up.

Thanks keep up the good work

Deschain19 Jul 20 '79

This would be so great!