JakeFTW May 21 '79

Would you guys consider offering a one week trial run for this competitive edge feature? Just to allow us to see exactly what we are missing out on by not paying. Because it honestly does not look all that helpful. Just the preview that was shown listed CJ Spiller as the handcuff for Fred Jackson, not the other way around. Any competent fantasy owner would know otherwise. I would love to pay for it, but not unless the information was actually going to be helpful.


FleaMod Admin May 21 '79

Hi Jake,

The sample shows that Jackson is the handcuff to Spiller, Spiller is the starting RB in Buffalo this year (it is showing correctly, but if it's confusing maybe we can redesign how the page looks).

While we are not offering trial runs per se, our staff would be happy to talk to you about your options, the service and send you more examples if you e-mail them at fleaflicker.com

Thanks for your interest.

JakeFTW May 21 '79

Thanks for the quick response. I suppose it might make more sense to say handcuff WITH Fred Jackson instead of handcuff TO. When I read it, it makes is sound as though Jackson is the starter, and Spiller is the handcuff. Now that I can read it correctly, it does actually look helpful.

FleaMod Admin May 22 '79

Thanks for the feedback, it is appreciated.