Bergers Feb 08 '79

Where are we with this? I know u guys said we were going to have db be able to split to cb and s. As well as DL broken into de and DT. This is imperative to our league so i am hoping it is still in Ur guys plans


Deschain19 Jul 20 '79

I am a commish of a dynasty league that is about to undergo an expansion draft at the end of this season. I would like to know if the IDP Split will be ready at the end of the season or not so we can plan our draft accordingly. Thank you.

FleaMod Admin Aug 03 '79

We're aiming to have this for next year, yes. Hoping to get it done for sure, we realize its importance.

Bergers Apr 19 '79

our draft is aug 3rd, will there be the separation of DE DT and CB S by then?

FFCSR_Hal Admin Apr 22 '79

Very transparently, it's doubtful. There is a lot of hard coding that needs to be done that I don't think we can get to in time unfortunately. It's something tops on our agenda to have done and we fully expect it to be there for 2014.

Bergers Apr 28 '79

Then sorry to say we are leaving this site. You guys have been great but this problem is too large to ignore. I would rather pay for a site then not have separation. Maybe some years down the road we might come back, but frankly I'm tired of moving the teams around.

FleaMod Admin Apr 28 '79

It should definitely be in place for 2014; sorry it's such a deal breaker for your league, but right now it's not something we can overcome due to time constraints and hard-coding limitations.

There's still an outside chance we will have in 2013, we're trying hard each day to overcome the limitation -- it's probably the second most important upgrade on our agenda next to a revamped draft room.

FleaMod Admin Feb 08 '79

It is still in our plans and was addressed here with the link below.Nothing from a coding point of view has changed yet on our side. If it does, and when it's rolled it if we get there in time, we'll let you know like all our new features through Twitter, Facebook, and our Site Announcement page. We hop to have them separated and up and running within the next few months. Please refer to that thread regarding this. We hear you and know it's an important piece to the IDP structure. We want to see it as well. We're currently working on a rebuild and redesign that will be rolled out first:

Bergers Mar 15 '79

It looks like the rebuild is out but roster info is the that because I'm on my phone or is the split not occurred yet

FFCSR_Hal Admin Mar 15 '79

The split has not occurred yet -- it actually did not have anything to do with this rebuild. It's different code. We are still hopeful it will happen this year, but the redesign took precedence over that (they were never linked). We have a lot of enhancements we want to include, and this is one of them (on the top). We will keep you updated on it and appreciate you checking in on it. We know how important it is as avid IDP users like you.