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scotto1959 Jan 21 '79

Ever plan on supporting total rosters, like most sites do?


rangerdave Jan 21 '79

I don't know that there are enough stats available to support individual O-line positions, but maybe they can come up with a team OL like the team defense. Didn't expect you to embrace punters, though, Scott.

FleaMod Admin Jan 21 '79

Definitely will be putting priorities on splitting up IDPs before Punters or Head Coaches, etc. Like we've said, we hope it can be rolled out this year. It's something important to us and you and we want it there. It's just a matter of implementation and testing it to ensure it works out perfectly. It will be here eventually; we're just not sure if it will be implemented by 2013. We're thinking of ways to get the IDPs split up as soon as we can, bug-free.