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ShootEmUp609 Nov 22 '78

What the improvements towards 2013?


FleaMod Admin Nov 22 '78

We're working on many enhancements that will be rolled out before August. These include first and foremost a mobile enhanced site and a new design. Other enhancements to come as well, stay tuned. We're working hard for you guys.

OverAnalyzer Dec 17 '78

We all heard this last year. Is it really going to happen this time?

Also, is Java still going to be required for the draft? I'm sure you know, but Java is on it's way out and a lot of people have it turned off already because of security issues.

As I've said before, I'm not being disrespectful. I appreciate everything Fleaflicker has done and I still think it's the best. But then again, I have an iPhone. Android users need the same access.