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Scipio314 Sep 29 '78

First off this website is great it has lots of neat features and is easy to use.

Things I'd like to see in the future:

1. Add notes to players. Add a note to a player and when you hover over the name you can see what you wrote. This would be useful in trading situations. For example you can add a note saying what you would be willing to trade the player for. You could integrate this with the trading block. The ability to have public or private notes would be great too.

2. Auction Draft

3. Ability to sign players to contracts in keeper leagues

4. A section in the league rules where the commissioner can write in their own custom rules.

5. Rookie draft. Make it so that only rookies can be drafted during a draft

6. Ability to trade blind bid budgets. Also ability to carry over your budget to the next season

Feel free to add more to this list. I've read some pretty good ideas in this forum, but haven't seen many responses or discussion.


TheBov Oct 10 '78

Since starting my own league 2yrs ago, I have been reading this section on many occasions and seen loads of great ideas - even put up a couple of my own ideas - but throughout this time I have plenty of posts to say that they have improvements on the agenda or in the pipeline etc but have yet to see any get done. Pity.

I like your ideas and some seem pretty straightforward to implement, eg rookie draft. Doubt if they ever get done though?!!