DallasFootball Sep 26 '78

i would like the addition of punters, and of course the scoring options to go along with it. scoring options i'd like to see would be, per net yard punting, points for having punts end up as touch back, inside the 20, inside the 10, inside the 5, and returned for TD. i hope you will consider this. Thanks.


DallasFootball Nov 25 '78

sure hope we get this option this year, it's the biggest thing missing on flea. thanks guys

DallasFootball Sep 27 '78

that doesn't sound like a good excuse to me. there's no reason they can't report punter stats. come on flea, can we do something about this please?

seafish Sep 27 '78

ive been asking for that postion for seasons flea say their stat provider does not report the punter stats I think the punter can change the game as much as the wr rb and qbs

DallasFootball Sep 27 '78

thanks for your reply.