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JHickey Aug 09 '78

Dear FF Admin- We have a few specific rules regarding add/drops, trades, etc and we need the ability to post them under the League Rules link in FleaFlicker. As the Commish, I send rules out at the beginning of the season, but people misplace them, etc.

This is a very simple request. Please just add a blank 'free text' box under the League Rules where the commish can type in a few specific rules to their league. Doesn't have to be anything fancy. When owners whine about "I didn't know this rule or that rule..." they can simply refer to the League Rules section to read it. Will make things run A LOT smoother for many leagues.



Chiefdustin Aug 16 '78


I asked before, years ago. I asked for a "stickies" like thing.

So many rules are lost when posted months before on the message board, or people miss them and claim to have never seen them.

I am constantly having to explain our league rules.