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tgfish Oct 12 '12

It seems silly that the OPP column only lists the time of the game, e.g. "@BAL 1:00".. it should list the day of the game too!

Would be nice to update it to read like, "@BAL Sun 1:00".



FFCSR_Hal Admin Oct 12 '12

It does list the day of the week when you over over it.

tgfish Oct 25 '12

Yea but you're missing the point, that's one extra action that's annoying for those of us who scan our roster on Thursday or Sunday to make sure the right players are in. Especially if you're doing it from your phone.

FFCSR_Hal Admin Oct 25 '12

We understand and hear you. Real estate is valuable on that page though. We'll try and find a way to incorporate it in the future.