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[Deleted User] May 05 '78

I know this is in development, getting close to start of season, will we get the android app before it starts?


RealChappyPants May 05 '78

Because of the prevalence of Android, I think it's really sad that this isn't out there yet.

Our whole league used to Fleaflicker for both baseball and football. The other football league I'm in still uses Fleaflicker but is about to move, specifically because of this issue!

Fleaflicker used to be a trendsetter in many different areas, including live scoring and free customization. But now that a lot of platforms have moved that way, Fleaflicker has lost a lot of ground. It still has things that are unique and special to it. But not having the Android app is what finally pushed us back to Yahoo!

I'd love for nothing more than to come back... back to the fold!


FFCSR_Hal Admin May 06 '78

We hear you guys...

We are working on some intense mobile enhancements that will allow Fleaflicker to perform superbly well in the Android browser. It will give you a better experience than other fantasy websites that provide a standalone native Android App. We will eventually be converting the mobile enhancement that you will see in 2012 into our own standalone native Android App, but the app itself won't be ready for the 2012 season (but the mobile experience will be).

We are confident that the Fleaflicker experience in the Droid browser will be better than running it on an "app" from another site. Additionally, we will have an app rolled out soon for the Droid (a packaged version of the mobile experience you'll see in 2012) that will be better than other sites and will not need to continually be updated or buggy like other fantasy sites. We are diehard fans like you and realize that a Droid app and a killer mobile experience is what our users want; that's what our programmer is currently working on and you will not be disappointed. We appreciate your patience and we are confident it will definitely pay off.

We'll keep you updated as always.

Thanks and let me know if you have any questions.

GoF_ckYo_rself May 07 '78

This is a very simplistic site. that's why I love it so much. Creating an app out of an existing website is stunningly easy. All the data tables for users/leagues/teams/players are all ready there. Plus it would free up bandwidth which ,as was made quite evident last year, this site is woefully lacking. How have you not put something together when users have been screaming for this for at least a year!?

TheBeers May 14 '78

Are the mobile enhancements live at the moment? Also, will the mobile version of the site work on all android browsers -- or just the native one?

FFCSR_Hal Admin May 14 '78

Not live yet, no. When we make mobile enhancements it will work on all droid browsers.

skipbl92 May 19 '78

Great to hear and I am looking forward to using and viewing the enhancements on my Razr MAXX.

PeterDrucker May 24 '78

Still waiting...

EvilHRGuy May 27 '78

It appears hell might freeze over first.

PeterDrucker May 29 '78

yes it does. its a shame how bad they are lagging their competition.

RealChappyPants Jun 07 '78

Again, it was a trendsetter at one time.

Ezbar Oct 24 '78

Before nhl season starts please.... Look at the market share of android now!

RealChappyPants Oct 30 '78

We just made our decisions for baseball. We will NOT be doing it on here, unfortunately, but will make a move :(.

Once upon a time, this was the shiz... no longer :(.