JayGoff17 Jan 13 '78

I think something that should definitely be implemented is personal messages... Being able to send a message to another owner without having to send them a trade first or without the whole league being able to see it.


JayGoff17 Jan 14 '78

I was unaware thank you. I think it would be better/easier if maybe there was a heading under the Message Board link to maybe do private messages and select a player in the league though IMO.

FFCSR_Hal Admin Jan 14 '78

Improving our private message system is something that is important to us. We look to have that revamped in the near future; for now, Brian's suggestion is what we have in place. Thanks.

AndrewLively Jun 14 '78

Are you guys any closer to that?

TheBeers Jul 21 '78

I would like to see this feature introduced as well. I would prefer not to use email to communicate with people in random leagues.

DARKSEID Jan 13 '78

Click on their profile name and then click on the box that says message.