foliveras Oct 12 '11

Where is this on your list of improvements? I've been checking fleaflicker for the past few years to see if & when this will be added, but it seems to be pushed back each year.


oliverkaine Jul 29 '13

Yet another vote for Double headers. I was really hoping 2013 was the year.

foliveras Jul 14 '13

So, are double headers available for 2013?

Rossetti217 Jul 15 '13


FleaMod Admin Jul 15 '13

They're not, but being widely asked about; as we alluded to in another thread and in our e-mails it is a high priority for us, but not on the highest tier, close to it though and we're hopeful to have it ready soon. Unfortunately and transparently, it likely won't be ready for NFL 2013, but we have many new enhancements rolling out before then still.

dubstyles29 Jul 18 '12

I know you are working on it, but count this as another vote for double headers. I assume it's probably too late in the year to expect the double header option in '12, but what about 2013?

FFCSR_Hal Admin Jul 19 '12

Yes, it's a priority for us to have in 2013. We most likely will not have it in time for 2012 as we're working on other features. Thanks for your interest, we'll keep you updated.

Gridiron-IQ Jun 10 '12

how do doubleheaders work???

foliveras Jun 05 '12

Any response to this. I think this has been a point of interest of years. What is the status of Double Headers?

FFCSR_Hal Admin Jun 05 '12

It's important to us, but takes a lot of development time. We're working on mobile enhancement, a new draft room and dozens of other features (including doubleheaders) but don't have an exact timetable right now.