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JayAllDay May 06 '77



ThePenguins Sep 21 '78

so no android app. sad. guess ios was their only focus. shouldnt have been too hard to create a single app and port to both platforms. its not rocket science. though i used the web interface on my note. remember android has a pretty large user base and you pretty much left off 50% of the users in the dark because of the over sight and the super enhancements.

my suggestion to everyone is use the web interface. it works. use chrome and set as desktop so you use the full web and not a mobile site. at least the site is fast and works instead of like cbs that has major issues and is slow because of the ad's

JayAllDay Sep 21 '78

I've giving up. Yes chrome has giving me a nice experience. I just bookmarked the site and added a shortcut to my home screen.