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JayAllDay Jul 26 '11



RickyTechyToo Oct 09 '12

So it looks like someone finally released an android app for FleaFlicker. It's not official but I think it was released by Android Advice which from my experience is reputable. The article is at:

jpeyton Oct 11 '12

Actually it looks like Digital Tweaker released it. Android Advice linked to the article at

FleaMod Admin Oct 11 '12

This app is not official, we have no idea who the company is and we don't support them, condone what they're doing and as an alert to our users: Beware not to download this app and enter your secure information. We have no control and have no idea what this company is doing with it. Please stay away.

We're working very hard on the 2012 official Fleaflicker mobile enhancements that Droid users should absolutely love. It will be released soon. So be ready for a whole new awesome experience. Much more than you can imagine.

Thanks for your loyalty to the Fleaflicker brand.

Chadeeo Oct 15 '12


jsrichar Oct 16 '12

Hopefully it will be just in time for the the 2016 season.

OverAnalyzer Oct 19 '12

What does soon mean? We are half way through the 2012 season.

Don't get me wrong, I appreciate this website and I've been patient, but there not having an Android app is bad and the iPhone app has it's share of problems.

The question I think most of us have is when exactly will the "mobile enhancements" be available? By next week? By the last week of the year? By next year? What should be plan on?

FleaMod Admin Oct 21 '12

Shooting for some time in the middle of the NFL season, hopefully before the fantasy football playoffs start. We're working very hard on this every day and want to make sure what we put out is what you guys want. No major bugs, everything perfect (as perfect as can be). We'll continue to keep you updated.

It will be here soon.

k0ngen Nov 06 '12

16 days. Any news?

Chadeeo Nov 06 '12

THUUZ is a droid app in which notify's you of any of your fleaflicker players score and provides up to date scores.

DawgPoundRook Nov 23 '12

Any more news on that Android app?

k0ngen Nov 24 '12

I guess they literally mean 'hopefully before the fantasy football playoffs start' and not a second before :-)

scottbloom Nov 24 '12


FleaMod Admin Nov 24 '12

Working very hard on mobile enhancements. Doing our best so we put the best product out there for you guys.

k0ngen Nov 25 '12

Looking forward :-)

jsrichar Dec 13 '12

Don't get your hopes up, it is not happening.

ChezDigital May 17 '13

How hard are you guys really working on this? Reading through threads, all I can find are promises, delays, and thanks for loyalty.

FFCSR_Hal Admin May 18 '13

Very hard on mobile enhabcements. Our new site design and rebuild will be out within the next month.

OverAnalyzer May 18 '13

That's exciting news.

Now we just have to wait and see if it actually happens.

Again, no disrespect, but the league managers need to make decisions about what we're going to use for the 2013 season which is quickly coming upon us.