JayAllDay Jul 26 '11



PovertyBayOrca 2 Days

It is not so much that I need a dedicated app for my tablet ... it is that the desktop site is not touch friendly.

- you cannot zoom in on areas to touch thus getting the intended result is mostly hit-or-miss

- the areas that are hover on the desktop do not work well on a touch tablet ... plus the information on the page when you touch click is not the same as the hover.

Smokey8 13 Days

Dude I agree!

PaizanKnowsFtbl 1 Month

Are you guys even working on an app?

TampaToasty 2 Months

I agree with others. I've used other fantasy football apps for Android and they are all the same. Cluttered, laggy, and 1/2 the options. FleaFlicker Brower view is just like an app. Even better actually. 35 bucks isn't much at all to cough up for the bundle, and then your ad free and browsing faster and smoother than any app out there. What's with all the complaining and crying over an app? Just so they can spend time, effort, and money on developing an app that all you folks complaining, will just rate it poorly and bash it?

Deschain19 3 Hrs


daviswalker99 2 Months

I need a fleaflicker app for my android

TampaToasty 2 Months

For what?

Godfocker911 Sep 09 '13

And for apple!!!

Crooks02 Aug 21 '13

APPS ARE SO LIMITED, like on yahoo. I can never get everything I want, comments box come and go, I choose Flea FLicker over all of them. I think apps are garbage

PhilH Aug 26 '13

I'd take your mobile site over an app any day! Great job FF!

Crooks02 Aug 26 '13

Ya, like they say, you bookmark it, creat a shortcut on ur home page, and one touch ur there, i don't know what people are crying about over the apps, yahoo fantasy app is horrible

mhansen Aug 26 '13

Agreed. Fleaflicker should just call it an "App" that is accessed by going to the website and bookmarking it to your home screen. :) Then these guys will stop whining. It is a great tool and far better than any FF app that I have used.

SirYancy Aug 14 '13

I would like to say that I really like the decision to go with a dedicated mobile site. The site is slick, it's efficient, all the information and functionality that I want appears to be there, and I don't have to update it. I, for one, love it.

Good on you, guys.

FleaMod Admin Aug 15 '13

Thank you for your kind words, we appreciate it and we're excited about the new mobile-optimized site that will recognize your device and was specifically tested for the Android OS.

LumberJake Aug 21 '13

Id really like to be able to draft on my android phone. When is that going to happen?

SirYancy Aug 24 '13

You know, since Android apps are written in Java, this shouldn't be too much of a problem, you'd think.

El_Dictator Aug 31 '13

Agreed on appreciation for the mobile site. I can see wanting an app for draft purposes; aside from that, apps are generally just mobile websites except that you have to upgrade, etc. There's a reason phone apps are being replaced by mobile websites (which are actually being referred to as apps by those in the design/development business).