JayAllDay Jul 26 '11



IvoBraz 2 Days

The question is not if i need a app for android or not (i do actually, all the other leagues i play in other providers i use the apps much more than the sites) but how much more people would be playing at fleaflicker if there was an app (i play in a 12 men league here and 8 are inactive, i wonder if that would happen with an app). Ofc i can open it at the browser, but people with ipads and iphones can use the browser too and nevertheless Fleaflicker made an app for it.

CoinReturn 13 Days

I would love to have an app just to get notifications for my games. I work most Sundays and have to steal glances at the site. I hate having to update a second app with my weekly roster changes just so I can get some inkling of how my game might be going.

PovertyBayOrca 1 Month

It is not so much that I need a dedicated app for my tablet ... it is that the desktop site is not touch friendly.

- you cannot zoom in on areas to touch thus getting the intended result is mostly hit-or-miss

- the areas that are hover on the desktop do not work well on a touch tablet ... plus the information on the page when you touch click is not the same as the hover.

FleaMod Admin 27 Days

Good point. These are all suggestions we'll take into account in future builds.

Smokey8 1 Month

Dude I agree!

PaizanKnowsFtbl 2 Months

Are you guys even working on an app?

TampaToasty 3 Months

I agree with others. I've used other fantasy football apps for Android and they are all the same. Cluttered, laggy, and 1/2 the options. FleaFlicker Brower view is just like an app. Even better actually. 35 bucks isn't much at all to cough up for the bundle, and then your ad free and browsing faster and smoother than any app out there. What's with all the complaining and crying over an app? Just so they can spend time, effort, and money on developing an app that all you folks complaining, will just rate it poorly and bash it?

Deschain19 1 Month


daviswalker99 3 Months

I need a fleaflicker app for my android

TampaToasty 3 Months

For what?

Godfocker911 Sep 09 '13

And for apple!!!