joenorwood77 May 05 '77

Please, please, please add the feature to hold online auction drafts on Fleaflicker for 2011! We used ESPN for the auction draft then I manually entered everything onto Fleaflicker. While this works, it is hugely inconvenient for everyone involved. Auction drafts are becoming more and more popular, so I am confident many leagues will use this feature. I know this was on Fleaflickers to-do list for 2010 so I am checking on the status to see if this is still in the works or if it has been scrapped.


acdean Sep 18 '77

I agree - it's a make-or-break for me. I'd love to play here, but it will depend on whether or not I can do an auction draft next year. Please get it running for 2012!

ten-a-key18 May 30 '77


joenorwood77 May 05 '77

So it sounds like this will eventually happen, but it is difficult to know which season it will be in effect for. This will be a huge upgrade to an already amazing website once it is complete.

FFCSR_Hal Admin May 05 '77

In the works with many other enhancements, but can't promise a timetable whatsoever

dtolbert Jun 10 '77

how about a "ball park" timeframe?

Haddoq Mar 27 '79

How many years will it take?

DARKSEID Mar 27 '79

I think it's safe to say more then two.

Goofy_Mang May 06 '79

This is a feature fleaflicker really needs to add, it is keeping the site from being as good as it can be. Without this and 2 week playoff games my new league will probably be starting at espn. Which sucks because I prefer fleaflicker's interface.

BrettWoodward 7 Months

I'll go ahead and add that this is the only thing keeping me on ESPN and Yahoo over you guys. You've got the opportunity to take over both of them with a much more customizable, cleaner site.

JohnDiaz 7 Months

With how great this site is, it is absolutely astounding that they don't have auction capability on this site.