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ocampoed Oct 08 '76

Thngs I would like to see or sayonara (maybe):

- Credit for half sacks - Is it too much to ask that a half sack be credited with 3 points (sacks in our league are worth 6 points). We don't use the fractional points system and have been told that is the only way to get the credit. It is an official stat isn't it?

- League Finances - Add a tab. Most other free sites have this function (Yahoo, ESPN, etc.).

- League History or trophy room - We've had our league since 2004 and the history of winners is located on an Excel page that I have for keeper purposes...

- Special place for Overall points leaders - It's kinda cosmetic but to have the Overall Points on a small little space on Stats under the League tab is kinda weak. We have a playoff and overall points winner and I know some of the dumbbutts in my league can't find the Stats section so I post it on the Message Board.

Just some thoughts....




Chiefdustin Oct 09 '76

- League Finances - Add a tab. Most other free sites have this function (Yahoo, ESPN, etc.).

- League Finances - Add a tab. Most other free sites have this function (Yahoo, ESPN, etc.).

- League Finances - Add a tab. Most other free sites have this function (Yahoo, ESPN, etc.).

Jhoffman29 May 10 '78

has the finances been added yet?

FFCSR_Hal Admin May 10 '78

Not yet, but is something on the top of our agenda for sure and VERY important

dustrz May 17 '78

Same 'ol song and dance number I've personally heard for over 5 years now.

I think league finances will happen right about the time it snows in hell. but good luck with your plight. get tired of waiting? come over to ESPN's site. I'm done with these jack-asses.....

FFCSR_Hal Admin May 17 '78

Sorry you feel that way. We have made great strides in the past year rolling out many new features under the hood and visible to our players.

We work extremely hard to get a number of enhancements out and will continue to do so.

dtolbert May 19 '78

Do you have an estimated completion date for Finances? Keep up the good work. The 2012 Fantasy season on Fleaflicker looks great. We users of your site appreciate the numerous upgrades you have made for 2012.

Chiefdustin May 20 '78

agreed, flea flicker rocks

dustrz May 25 '78

It used to....

FFCSR_Hal Admin May 25 '78

Would like to have the finance page up soon. Not sure it will get done before 2012, but it's something that we're trying to do soon as well.

FFCSR_Hal Admin May 25 '78

dustrz, I see you've been a loyal user for a while and hate to see you disappointed upset. What features do you want to see?

dtolbert May 25 '78

You mean, you aren't sure if it will get done before the 2012-13 season is complete, right?

FleaMod Admin May 25 '78

2012 season means 9/5

dtolbert May 25 '78

Agreed. But that's not what you wrote.

dustrz May 26 '78

Finance tab that tracks transactions per owner. it would help out commishes that also play so they have one less thing to worry about and can concentrate on their own team more. I've personally asked for this for 5 years. Every year, I get this almost exact quote: "That is something we're very concerned about and it is a priority for next years season" or "We're working on it" but it always ends up in the same result....nothing. When Fleaflicker was originally property of AOL, there was a finance tab and everything was beautiful, the skies opened up and rays of sunshine showed down upon Fleaflicker. Once it changed hands however, it got cloudy...very cloudy. Now I understand the idea of the game has progressed but progress doesn't mean eliminating a necessity but rather improving it. I've posted and posted until my fantasy football fingers have bled. I truly regretful for being a "downer" but real change doesn't happen unless the masses are heard AND understood. We really appreciate the free site but there are others out there that offer these things. As a long time commish, i'd personally like to have things to make my job easier than things like logo's but that's just me. Thanks for the audience....

Volt May 26 '78

Keep at it. There have been hundreds of good ideas posted in this forum over the years that would actually improve this site, but unfortunately most aren't addressed or are "not going to happen for the current season, maybe next year." One year the biggest "upgrade" was the logos you mentioned. The small site charm has long worn off and all of the little things that made FF stand out from other sites have been adopted by those other sites.

dtolbert Jul 29 '78

Any updates on a Finance Page?

dtolbert Sep 10 '78

Any updates on the Finance Page?

dustrz May 02 '79

I haven't heard or seen anything yet. Keeping my bruised fingers crossed.....