B_Nasty Aug 26 '06

Is it possible to pay a small fee and have the banner ads removed for a league?


predators1 Sep 27 '12

Looks like Fleaflicker is all about the Google Ads. There are new ones that play an ad.

daveborn2006 Sep 07 '06

I see no ads, when I use firefox

fleafounder Admin Sep 07 '06

I know, I don't like them either.  
I'll see about toning them down some more.

SilkyJackson Oct 05 '12

I understand the needs for ads but can we at least have ones with no sound.

FleaMod Admin Oct 05 '12

The ones with sound should only appear once per day and only on certain pages (in all likelihood, you should go the entire day without seeing it). Let us know if you see them more than once per day, you definitely should not.


CousinMike Sep 07 '06

Use an ad blocker with your browser. I don't see any ads at all (I even blocked the garish flea images).

C-Note Sep 07 '06

C'mon guys, it's a free site with a ton of features! If Ori ads the pay option in the future, great, but we all knew what we were getting in to, and I for one hope he continues to focus on updating the nuts & bolts of the site.  
Besides, look at it this way: How else would you know that baby Suri DOES exist? Or that Brangelina is on the outs? Or that Detroit Lions' coaches drive nude around Dearborn, MI (oh wait, that's actually true)...

RevKev Sep 06 '06

Also, there are some offensive to Christian. Hope that we can do something like that. smile

Tulanian Aug 26 '06

Amen to that. I like the site, but the banner ads are just too much. I recognize that ads help, and the Google ads are no problem. But the flashing, jumping ones are intolerable.