gethenet72 Jun 30 '71

It would be nice if the owner of his team could have somekinda way to make his own helmet icon..or something to make his team stand out

Thanks for all your hard work!


gethenet72 Jul 01 '71

GREAT..Looking forward to it!

Thanks again..I am very pleased so far with the service!

Kev Jul 01 '71

Keith and Chris--great idea and we already have some plans/ideas to deal with icons/logos.

One of the new features already planned for next year includes the ability to have your own logo (icon, photo, etc) in addition to "theme" music for your team site. For instance the MNF theme can play when you click on your team.

There are several features we would love to add--and while we may not get to it this year, it is something we are definitely looking into.

Keep the suggestions coming!

CubanC Jul 01 '71

How about we try and make it a little more original though... not just a helmet... too much like yahoo. Maybe like an assortment of different "fleas" you can pick as an icon or maybe just the flea from the user name section with your teams color on his helmet... something like that.