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toocool2111 Jul 13 '77


Is there any way to make week 1 for fantasy hockey a bit longer? We have our league set to run the week from Monday-Sunday. However, since week one is a short week, we wanted to try to extend it so that the first week would includes games from this week AND next week. Is this possible?



toocool2111 Jul 15 '77

I know you mentioned that if I remove week 1, it won't show scores for week 1. How will I know the PF for each team? By just going to the standings on monday morning, looking at the PF, and then adding it from there? Or is there a way I can see the actual scores despite not having week one added?

FFCSR_Hal Admin Jul 15 '77

If you go to the scoreboard page, they will still tally up. They will also tally up in the standings page if everyone sets their lineup.