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Craig31RCR Oct 11 '76

A trade was just posted in a league I'm in. Evgeni Malkin the 25th ranked center for Brad Richards the 5th ranked center, 2013 26th overall pick, 2011 6th overall pick and 2011 15th overall pick? All that for just Malkin in return? I'm a Pens fan and I love Malkin but that looks more like a one sided cheaters trade to me. Give me some input on this please. This is my 1st year playing fantasy hockey so maybe I'm not seeing something! Is this at all fair?


Craig31RCR Oct 16 '76

I'm new to fantasy hockey so I'm not accusing. It just looks to me a 25th ranked center for a 5th ranked center is making out. Add three draft picks and it looks like a person owning two teams and stacking one of them for next year, Again thats what I'm seeing but in fantasy you don't always see things for what they are. I guess what I'm saying is someone please convince me this isn't cheating.