D-Day Sep 13 '05

I am trying to make a Waiver Claim. I only have three claims, and now when I try to add a new one, it says I cannot because the player is locked. The player is listed as Free Agent and is NOT locked, and someone else in my league was able to make a waiver claim for the same player. What gives??


fleafounder Admin Sep 13 '05


You are absolutely right. I've fixed the issue. Please let me know if the problem persists.

You had a trade go through in the middle of the day, which caused the odd behavior.

This shouldn't happen again.

I appreciate you taking the time to report the problem. Let me know if there's anything else I can do to help.

D-Day Sep 13 '05

To add to the last post, they are showing as a free agent, but when I click on CLAIM next to them, it says I cannot make any transactions with locked players.

D-Day Sep 13 '05

Well I am currently in 1st place in a league of 12 teams. I made 3 claims, then made a 4th. I wanted to cancel the 4th and substitute it with a different one, and that's when EVERY player became locked. Now I cannot add any claims because every single player is coming back as "locked".

fleafounder Admin Sep 13 '05

Dan can you please be more specific?

Who are you trying to add? Who are you dropping in his place?

Kev Sep 13 '05

once everytime has one waiver claim processed, then the rest of the players become pure free agents --you can add/drop without waiver implications--until sunday when the free agent pool becomes locked again

Kev Sep 13 '05

All free agents are locked until the day of waivers...it is usually wednesday in most leagues, thursday in a few others. This is done to prevent someone from signing all potential free agents on sunday as he watches the injuries unfold during the game.

Waivers are locked, and then released based on reverse team rankings in your league. For example, the 12th rank team will have his first waiver claim processed first. The #1 ranked team in your league will have his first waiver claim processed last.

Since your team is allowed three claims, that means that currently only two teams are ranked lower than you in your league. Thus, even if the two lower ranked teams have the same waiver claims you do, you are guaranteed to get one of those three claims. Make sure you prioritize your claims.

Your friend may be able to make more claims than you at this current time, but when waivers are processed each team will only have ONE player claimed for them--the highest claim remaining on their list. He only gets to add more claims now because his team will be one of the last processed during waivers (based on rank). Therefore, he has the opportunity to add more claims because it is likely many teams ahead of him may want the same players.

see waivers under the home help page for more information.