G-MenNVA Aug 28 '13

Trade for Tom Brady and Ahmad Bradshaw for Adrian Peterson and Andrew Luck.


sleepyjim Aug 29 '13


xltallguy1 Aug 28 '13


bowhunter429 Aug 29 '13

AP and Luck will most likely be in the top 5 for their positions, Can you say that about Brady and Bradshaw? Go with AP, and Luck and watch the points roll in.

OverAnalyzer Aug 29 '13

I traded Ahmad Bradshow, Drew Brees AND Antonio Brown for C.J. Spiller and Andrew Luck and I'm happy with the trade. Trading Brady and Bradshaw for Peterson and Luck is a no brainer.

rangerdave Aug 29 '13

The team getting AP and Luck win this trade in any format.