Browndog45 Aug 27 '13

why is crabtree not able to be placed on IR


FFCSR_Hal Admin Aug 28 '13

Your league minimum for the fantasy IR is IR. Crabtree is on the PUP list, not IR, so your commish has to loosen the IR restrictions at Edit Roster Requirements to have players below IR eligible to be placed on your fantasy IR. - hover over IR there and you can see. The 49ers did not place Crabtree on the IR; same with Lattimore.

Browndog45 Aug 28 '13

thk u

Maximum-Puns Sep 02 '13

Why is lattimore not eligible for PUP... ?

FleaMod Admin Sep 02 '13

He should be, we'll have our statistics team change this as soon as they can.

Maximum-Puns Sep 02 '13

Great, thanks!

Maximum-Puns Sep 03 '13

Do you think it will be today? I have roster-cuts today and need to move Lattimore to PUP asap

FleaMod Admin Sep 03 '13

Lattimore is now reflecting as PUP eligible.

Maximum-Puns Sep 03 '13

Woo! Thanks for being so responsive!

Maximum-Puns Sep 04 '13

Ok... Now he is "out" again and not PUP. But the NFI works just like the PUP. What is going on with this? Thanks