budlee1979 Aug 24 '13

Maybe it's my computer but earlier today I could see if someone was questionable with a yellow indicator and when they are out with a red indicator but now I'm not seeing that, in multiple leagues.


FFCSR_Hal Admin Aug 24 '13

Try clearing your cache. Also, try another browser. They are there. What browser and version?

budlee1979 Aug 25 '13

I can see them in the draft but not in the roster view when adjusting my team. Windows 7, IE 9.

FFCSR_Hal Admin Aug 25 '13

Please send me the exact link. It's working here fine on the roster page in IE9 on Windows 7 when I simulated. It's possible for a split second while the page is updating you may not see it, similar to it going away for a second or so when you rank players in a draft -- but it is working. Please try to clear your cache.

budlee1979 Aug 26 '13

I cleared my cache and now I see the icons. That was weird. Thanks for your help!