maximusrex May 24 '79

Does this work for the 2013 season?!?


maximusrex May 24 '79

Does the Live draft still only work under Java? I was under the impression that this function would be available to iPad's and other tablets by this year.

Volt May 25 '79

Still Java based. Still no iPad support.

Had a great auction draft last night on my iPad, but it was on another site. Currently neither auction format nor iPad drafts are supported here. This lack of real progress is sending people elsewhere.

mchevy May 25 '79

This is disappointing news.

FleaMod Admin May 25 '79

It's tops on our agenda and we are working hard to get this implemented soon. We hear you guys and as fantasy diehards ourselves, we can't wait to have this, as we understand the convenience and importance.

Unfortunately it won't be ready by September 5, but we are looking forward to mobile drafting & auction drafting -- and removing the Java requirement finally for draft rooms soon.

Thanks for your patience!

RLev22 Jun 08 '79


puma246 Jun 09 '79

will it be ready by 2014? I already had my leagues drafts this year one of them it was an issue and the other it wasn't luckily