SpaceCowboy1964 Apr 09 '79

I'm in a number of baseball leagues commished by Riggs44R and he has been inactive for over 2 months with no warning to the rest of the players in the leagues. In the old style of the board there was a button other players could use to remind inactive players to become active again. After a number of days ( I think it was 2 or 3) if this player was the commish of the league another player could take over as commish this is completely missing. Is there someway to return this to the format of the site?


FFCSR_Hal Admin Apr 09 '79

1. With any inactive commish, you can always email out staff at and we will look into it.

2. In terms of your question, the functionality is the same -- it's still June -- soon you will see timer to remind inactive owners/commissioners.

If 4 users hit the timer in a league, we send an alert to the user where they have 30 days to log in during the sport's preseason mode, 14 days in the regular season and 320 days in the offseason (if the user is notified when a draft is coming up within 3 days, it's a bit accelerated and the team will show a takeover immediately.

Trophyhunter Apr 10 '79

You can simply put it up for league popular vote. We tried it last year, over a 2 week period and it worked

out fine...

whammond May 28 '79

When do the little timers pop up in football. We have a commish that hasn't been active since last August

FFCSR_Hal Admin May 28 '79

In public leagues, a timer will appear next to owners who are idle and have not recently signed in. If 4 owners in the league hit the timer button next to the italicized name, it sends the inactive owner an E-mail. The team will open for public takeover if that inactive owner does not sign in within 14 days during the sport's regular season, 30 days in preseason mode and 320 days in the offseason (if the owner is notified when a draft is coming up within three days, the team will open for takeover immediately).

Please see our Owner's Manual for more information at