mark_pundurs Apr 04 '79

In my football league, the Live Draft Room tab is grayed out and unclickable. What gives?


FleaMod Admin Apr 04 '79

Please let me know what league you are referring to; one is active the other is not. Thanks.

mark_pundurs Apr 05 '79


FFCSR_Hal Admin Apr 05 '79

Your commish first needs to schedule a live draft date. Since there is no live draft date scheduled, you are unable to use the live draft room in that specific league yet. Wait for the commish to schedule a date.

You can use our generic mock here:

If the commish is inactive in a month or so, please contact us through e-mail and we'll see if it warrants a commish change.

mark_pundurs Apr 05 '79

Thanks for the link, Hal! Our commish is the heart and soul of our league - don't even think about changing him.

wrgilbert Apr 12 '79

I AM the Commish in my league and I have NO IDEA how to set a live draft date or in some way initiate a LIVE DRAFT room.

mark_pundurs Apr 12 '79

As commish you should see a Settings tab on the league main page; if your league has been activated for 2013, that tab should have a Draft section with an Edit Live Draft Options link that lets you set the date and time for the draft.

wrgilbert Apr 14 '79

It HAS been activated...that TAB does not exist.

FFCSR_Hal Admin Apr 14 '79

@wrgilbert -- you already opened your free agency (which tells the system you drafted for the year). for you to see the draft settings tab, you need to go to League>>Settings>>Edit Rosters>>These are the complete roster but still draft this season (when you're ready to draft --

wrgilbert Apr 14 '79

OK..I can get a draft...but what happened to the "NO TIME LIMIT" live draft?? In years past our draft took upwards of 5 and 6 weeks...and that's just the way we want it? Is there a NO TIME LIMIT setting?

mourad Apr 14 '79


FFCSR_Hal Admin Apr 14 '79

You can select an e-mail draft at League>>Settings>>Edit Live Draft Options and there is no time limit there. In a live draft, your max time per pick is 4 minutes.

If you need more draft help, please e-mail us or read our new Owner's Manual that will answer most of the questions directly and quicker, thanks:

wrgilbert Apr 15 '79

Can I re-boot the draft....the guy with the number 1 pick, jumped the gun and made a pick, and I don't have all my 'owners' in place.

FFCSR_Hal Admin Apr 16 '79

Yes, League>>Settings>>Clear Rosters (this will remove all your players for the league so if you have keepers, save them and then import them -- after, you can then run a new draft at Edit Live Draft Options ; please read the draft documentation for further help in our Owner's Manual.

wrgilbert Apr 16 '79

wow...wayyy too much work. I found another way...I'm good.

FFCSR_Hal Admin Apr 16 '79

You alternatively could have went to League Settings->Edit Live Draft Options->No Draft, I'll Import (and then re-start the e-mail draft) -- this will clear the ongoing email draft and keep the keepers (but I wanted for you to stay on the safe side to have your keepers saved in case you deleted them accidentally.

I am assuming you did this, which is fine as well, but commishes should have a back up of keepers just in case.