JAMwiz Feb 18 '79

A little curious on how you guys ranked the rookies? I am in a dynasty league on here and we are starting our rookie draft. Gio Bernard is ranked 302 and Aaron Dobson is ranked 105 overall. Joseph Randle 163.

Could there be a way that we could set our league to a dynasty mode so our rankings would be based off that and not a redraft league?


FleaMod Admin Feb 18 '79

Both are taken into account while our team is doing the rankings -- the same way a PPR league is (it's basically a .5 PPR sheet). Dobson has been touted as one of Brady's go-to targets. Green-Ellis will be seeing most of the carries in CIN and we see Bernard as more of an NFL scat back down the line. There is no way right now to separate rankings from a redraft to dynasty, sorry -- we hope to in the future. Our cheat sheet an rankings now do lean on the end of redraft leagues for sure though, with dynasty taken into account.

JAMwiz Feb 19 '79

Randle 163?? He will sit behind Murray.

Maybe another option is to separate the player field to rookie only.

FleaMod Admin Feb 19 '79

I'd suggest looking at positional rank and not overall -- it is more accurate and depends on your league settings and what positions you have.