DallasFootball Feb 09 '79

why after i changed the settings for my league (Center Court Dynasty) did all the players disappear from all the rosters? the settings i changed are lineups from weekly to daily, and transaction limits from none to 7 per week.


FleaMod Admin Feb 10 '79

We replicated the issue and will look into it and keep you updated. Sorry about the inconvenience.

DallasFootball Feb 20 '79

i haven't heard anything back yet. have you found the problem yet?

FFCSR_Hal Admin Feb 20 '79

I believe we responded to you through e-mail. If you did not get it, it's a function of the system that once you switch to Daily lineups, your rosters will expunge from Weekly lineups after the NBA/NHL season, etc. Your best bet would be to import the rosters from past statistical data in your league.

DallasFootball Feb 20 '79

how do i do that?

DallasFootball Mar 09 '79

can you explain how to import the rosters? thanks

FFCSR_Hal Admin Mar 09 '79

What league are you trying to do this in? Commish Options>Edit Rosters (or Import Rosters if no Draft has taken place yet).